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What is a Proof of Dog Vaccination Form?

Pets are quite important in anyone's life. Their respective vaccination is equally necessary, as it benefits both the pet and the people living with them. However, most of the time, people fail to get the proper paperwork restricting them from confirming their pet's vaccination. If you own a pet and have gotten it vaccinated, you are advised to fill out the proof of dog vaccination form.

People usually use fake dog vaccination records as proof, which is medically wrong and very unethical. With simple forms such as the proof of dog vaccination, it gets very easy to get it within official records while keeping your and your pet's health safe.

Information Required in a Proof of Dog Vaccination Form

The information that is considered to be added within a proof of vaccination form is quite definite. The certain details to be included within the form act as a form of proof, which makes the form applicable under all cases. Rather than making it redundant, the information demanded in the form needs to be updated to perfection. While filling out this form, you need to be aware of adding the following details:

  • Provide the name of the clinic, its address, phone, and logo through the stamp, if available.
  • Name of the owner, address, and phone number as some basic details.
  • File number of the pet that mentions vaccination details.
  • Name of the pet.
  • Specie, breed, color, sex, and other appearance details of the pet that has been vaccinated.
  • Fill out the appropriate section, considering the pet is either a dog or a cat. For a dog, the user is required to confirm whether the dog has been tested for DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies, Leptospirosis, and Lyme. While ticking the appropriate boxes for diseases the dog has been vaccinated, the user also needs to add the date of vaccination and its expiry details.
  • Certify the vaccination with the signature of the owner and vet examiner. Provide any notes if there are any complications with the process.

How to Fill Out a Proof of Dog Vaccination Form?

The complete process of filling out a dog vaccination form is very simple and elegant. Making fake dog vaccination records should be out of the question, considering how the respective dog is being filled. By completing all appropriate details required for the proof, the user needs to follow the simple steps to fill out a dog vaccination form.

Step 1: Initially, include the details of the clinic that is responsible for the vaccination.

proof of vaccination dog

Step 2: Add in the name of the dog owner, their address, and phone number with the file number that covers the details.

proof of vaccination dog

Step 3: Cover all the appropriate details about the pet that is being vaccinated. With coverage across the species, breed, color, and sex, all significant requirements for the form are done.

Step 4: Check all boxes for the dog that has been vaccinated with the date and expiry date for each vaccination.

Step 5: Sign the document to confirm the complete proofing document.

proof of vaccination dog

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